Prehistoric Maltese Idol Generator

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Recently, I've been thinking a lot about pre-Christian vs post-Christian Malta. More specifically, how the Christian Inquisition & Knights of St. John worked hard to wipe out existing "pagan" customs and beliefs, and how they even went so far as to destroy existing proof of other religions in Malta (not just early religions, but even Islam and Judaism). This idol generator implies "deity" generator, since these fragments of statues are all we have left of the prehistoric belief system. Perhaps they symbolize Astarte or another Carthaginian/Phoenician deity? We will never know (which drives me nuts!)

Design Process

I went through the Wonders of Malta Google Arts & Culture page and compiled a list of prehistoric idols. Then, I made them transparent before coding them into the generator.

In the future, I would like to extend this project's assets to include more idols, an option to save your creation, and a random button to randomize the assets.


The library used is Tweakpane.